OKSRNA001 - OKS - The Complete Recordings of OKS (free download only)
OKSRNA002 - The Harmful Free Radicals - Duplicate Factories of Washington State
OKSRNA003 - The Painful Leg Injuries - Backwards, Broken and Incorrectly
OKSRNA004 - The Painful Leg Injuries - Interpreting Codes Into Robust Details : The 2005 Podcasts (7x CD-R Box Set)
OKSRNA005 - The Painful Leg Injuries - If The Devil Is In The Details Than How Many Details Can You Fit Upon A Match? (CD-R + DVD-R)
OKSRNA006 - El Plan De Aguavodka/The Painful Leg Injuries/The Unevenness Of The Moon's Surface - Men In White Coats
OKSRNA007 - Marco Oppedisano - Electroacoustic Compositions 1995-2000
OKSRNA008 - Little Ricky's House Of Chankletas - 27 New York Anti-Sonnets
OKSRNA009 - The Harmful Free Radicals - TBA(2009)
OKSRNA010 - El Plan De Aguavodka - - TBA
OKSRNA011 - BIOS - Trio Improvisation 2/17/07 Show Souvenir (free download only)
OKSRNA012 - BIOS - Retiring To Palermo To Make Apple Whine (CD-R + DVD-R)
OKSRNA013 - The Painful Leg Injuries - The Anomaly That Had Gotten The Better Of Me (2009)
OKSRNA015 - The Painful Leg Injuries - Intricate Jigsaw Instances Play Fifty-Card Pickup : The 2006 Podcasts (8x CD-R Box Set) (2009)
OKSRNA016 - Marco Oppedisano - The Ominous Corner

OKSRNA017 - David Lee Myers and Marco Oppedisano - Tesla At Coney Island
OKSRNA018 - Lapis - A Path Toward Solace
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